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/ DotNET / DotNET / 8.0 / untmp / whidbey / REDBITS / ndp / fx / src / CompMod / System / ComponentModel / Design / Serialization / DesignerLoader.cs / 1 / DesignerLoader.cs

//     Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

namespace System.ComponentModel.Design.Serialization { 
    using System;
    using System.Reflection; 
    using System.Security.Permissions;

    ///     DesignerLoader.  This class is responsible for loading a designer document. 
    ///     Where and how this load occurs is a private matter for the designer loader.
    ///     The designer loader will be handed to an IDesignerHost instance.  This instance, 
    ///     when it is ready to load the document, will call BeginLoad, passing an instance 
    ///     of IDesignerLoaderHost.  The designer loader will load up the design surface
    ///     using the host interface, and call EndLoad on the interface when it is done. 
    ///     The error collection passed into EndLoad should be empty or null to indicate a
    ///     successful load, or it should contain a collection of exceptions that
    ///     describe the error.
    ///     Once a document is loaded, the designer loader is also responsible for
    ///     writing any changes made to the document back whatever storage the 
    ///     loader used when loading the document. 
    [HostProtection(SharedState = true)] 
    [System.Security.Permissions.PermissionSetAttribute(System.Security.Permissions.SecurityAction.InheritanceDemand, Name = "FullTrust")]
    public abstract class DesignerLoader {
        ///     Returns true when the designer is in the process of loading.  Clients that are 
        ///     sinking notifications from the designer often want to ignore them while the desingner is loading 
        ///     and only respond to them if they result from user interatcions.
        public virtual bool Loading {
            get {
                return false;
        ///     Called by the designer host to begin the loading process.  The designer
        ///     host passes in an instance of a designer loader host (which is typically 
        ///     the same object as the designer host.  This loader host allows
        ///     the designer loader to reload the design document and also allows
        ///     the designer loader to indicate that it has finished loading the
        ///     design document. 
        public abstract void BeginLoad(IDesignerLoaderHost host); 
        ///     Disposes this designer loader.  The designer host will call this method 
        ///     when the design document itself is being destroyed.  Once called, the
        ///     designer loader will never be called again.
        public abstract void Dispose(); 

        ///     The designer host will call this periodically when it wants to 
        ///     ensure that any changes that have been made to the document
        ///     have been saved by the designer loader.  This method allows 
        ///     designer loaders to implement a lazy-write scheme to improve
        ///     performance.  The default implementation does nothing.
        public virtual void Flush() {} 


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