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/ 4.0 / 4.0 / untmp / DEVDIV_TFS / Dev10 / Releases / RTMRel / ndp / cdf / src / NetFx40 / System.Activities / System / Activities / Expressions / As.cs / 1305376 / As.cs

// Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

namespace System.Activities.Expressions 
    using System.Activities; 
    using System.Activities.Statements; 
    using System.Activities.Validation;
    using System.Collections.Generic; 
    using System.ComponentModel;
    using System.Diagnostics.CodeAnalysis;
    using System.Linq.Expressions;
    using System.Runtime; 

    [SuppressMessage(FxCop.Category.Naming, FxCop.Rule.IdentifiersShouldNotMatchKeywords, 
        Justification = "Optimizing for XAML naming. VB imperative users will [] qualify (e.g. New [As])")] 
    public sealed class As : CodeActivity
        //Lock is not needed for operationFunction here. The reason is that delegates for a given As are the same.
        //It's possible that 2 threads are assigning the operationFucntion at the same time. But it's okay because the compiled codes are the same.
        static Func operationFunction;
        public InArgument Operand 

        protected override void CacheMetadata(CodeActivityMetadata metadata) 
            UnaryExpressionHelper.OnGetArguments(metadata, this.Operand); 
            if (operationFunction == null)
                ValidationError validationError;
                if (!UnaryExpressionHelper.TryGenerateLinqDelegate(ExpressionType.TypeAs, out operationFunction, out validationError))

        protected override TResult Execute(CodeActivityContext context) 
            Fx.Assert(operationFunction != null, "OperationFunction must exist.");
            TOperand operandValue = this.Operand.Get(context);
            return operationFunction(operandValue); 

// File provided for Reference Use Only by Microsoft Corporation (c) 2007.


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