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/ DotNET / DotNET / 8.0 / untmp / whidbey / REDBITS / ndp / fx / src / Net / System / Net / NetworkInformation / SystemTcpConnection.cs / 1 / SystemTcpConnection.cs


namespace System.Net.NetworkInformation {

    using System.Net; 
    using System.Net.Sockets;
    using System.Security.Permissions; 
    using System; 
    using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
    using System.Collections; 
    using System.ComponentModel;
    using System.Threading;


    /// Represents an active Tcp connection.
    internal class SystemTcpConnectionInformation:TcpConnectionInformation { 
        IPEndPoint localEndPoint;
        IPEndPoint remoteEndPoint;
        TcpState state;
        internal SystemTcpConnectionInformation(MibTcpRow row) {
            state = row.state; 
            //port is returned in Big-Endian - most significant bit on left
            //unfortunately, its done at the word level and not the dword level. 

            int localPort = row.localPort3<<24|row.localPort4<<16|row.localPort1<<8|row.localPort2;
            int remotePort = ((state == TcpState.Listen)?0:row.remotePort3<<24|row.remotePort4<<16|row.remotePort1<<8|row.remotePort2);

            //need to fix these. Currently they are incorrect if high order bit is set. 
            //    uint localPort = (uint)IPAddress.HostToNetworkOrder((short)row.localPort1); 
            //  uint remotePort = (uint)IPAddress.HostToNetworkOrder((short)row.remotePort1);
            localEndPoint = new IPEndPoint(row.localAddr,(int)localPort);
            remoteEndPoint= new IPEndPoint(row.remoteAddr,(int)remotePort);

        public override TcpState State{get {return state;}} 
        public override IPEndPoint LocalEndPoint{get {return localEndPoint;}} 
        public override IPEndPoint RemoteEndPoint{get {return remoteEndPoint;}}


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