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/ 4.0 / 4.0 / untmp / DEVDIV_TFS / Dev10 / Releases / RTMRel / ndp / fx / src / CompMod / System / ComponentModel / CultureInfoConverter.cs / 1305376 / CultureInfoConverter.cs

//     Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

namespace System.ComponentModel {
    using Microsoft.Win32; 
    using System.Collections;
    using System.ComponentModel.Design.Serialization;
    using System.Diagnostics;
    using System.Globalization; 
    using System.Reflection;
    using System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters; 
    using System.Runtime.Remoting; 
    using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
    using System.Threading; 
    using System.Security.Permissions;

    /// Provides a type converter to convert  
    /// objects to and from various other representations.
    [HostProtection(SharedState = true)] 
    public class CultureInfoConverter : TypeConverter

        private StandardValuesCollection values;

        ///      Retrieves the "default" name for our culture.
        private string DefaultCultureString { 
            get {
                return SR.GetString(SR.CultureInfoConverterDefaultCultureString); 

        ///      Retrieves the Name for a input CultureInfo.
        protected virtual string GetCultureName(CultureInfo culture) { 
            return culture.Name;

        ///       Gets a value indicating whether this converter can 
        ///       convert an object in the given source type to a System.Globalization.CultureInfo
        ///       object using 
        ///       the specified context. 
        public override bool CanConvertFrom(ITypeDescriptorContext context, Type sourceType) {
            if (sourceType == typeof(string)) {
                return true;
            return base.CanConvertFrom(context, sourceType);
        ///    Gets a value indicating whether this converter can 
        ///       convert an object to the given destination type using the context.
        public override bool CanConvertTo(ITypeDescriptorContext context, Type destinationType) {
            if (destinationType == typeof(InstanceDescriptor)) { 
                return true;
            return base.CanConvertTo(context, destinationType); 
        ///       Converts the specified value object to a 
        ///       object. 
        public override object ConvertFrom(ITypeDescriptorContext context, CultureInfo culture, object value) { 

            if (value is string) { 
                // Hack, Only when GetCultureName returns culture.Name, we use CultureInfoMapper
                // (Since CultureInfoMapper will transfer Culture.DisplayName to Culture.Name).
                // Otherwise, we just keep the value unchange.
                string text = (string)value; 
                if (GetCultureName(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture).Equals(""))
                    text = CultureInfoMapper.GetCultureInfoName((string)value); 
                CultureInfo retVal = null; 

                CultureInfo currentUICulture = Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture;

                if (culture != null && culture.Equals(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture)) { 
                    Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = culture;
                try {
                    // Look for the default culture info. 
                    if (text == null || text.Length == 0 || string.Compare(text, DefaultCultureString, StringComparison.Ordinal) == 0) {
                        retVal = CultureInfo.InvariantCulture;

                    // Now look in our set of installed cultures. 
                    if (retVal == null) {
                        ICollection values = GetStandardValues(context); 
                        IEnumerator e = values.GetEnumerator();
                        while (e.MoveNext()) {
                            CultureInfo info = (CultureInfo)e.Current;
                            if (info != null && string.Compare(GetCultureName(info), text, StringComparison.Ordinal) == 0) { 
                                retVal = info;

                    // Now try to create a new culture info from this value
                    if (retVal == null) { 
                        try {
                            retVal = new CultureInfo(text); 
                        catch {}

                    // Finally, try to find a partial match
                    if (retVal == null) { 
                        text = text.ToLower(CultureInfo.CurrentCulture);
                        IEnumerator e = values.GetEnumerator(); 
                        while (e.MoveNext()) { 
                            CultureInfo info = (CultureInfo)e.Current;
                            if (info != null && GetCultureName(info).ToLower(CultureInfo.CurrentCulture).StartsWith(text)) { 
                                retVal = info;
                finally {
                    Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = currentUICulture; 

                // No good.  We can't support it.
                if (retVal == null) {
                    throw new ArgumentException(SR.GetString(SR.CultureInfoConverterInvalidCulture, (string)value)); 
                return retVal;

            return base.ConvertFrom(context, culture, value);
        ///       Converts the given 
        ///       value object to the
        ///       specified destination type. 
        public override object ConvertTo(ITypeDescriptorContext context, CultureInfo culture, object value, Type destinationType) {
            if (destinationType == null) { 
                throw new ArgumentNullException("destinationType");
            if (destinationType == typeof(string)) {
                string retVal;
                CultureInfo currentUICulture = Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture;

                if (culture != null && culture.Equals(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture)) { 
                    Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = culture;
                try {
                    if (value == null || value == CultureInfo.InvariantCulture) { 
                        retVal = DefaultCultureString;
                    else {
                        retVal = GetCultureName(((CultureInfo)value)); 
                finally { 
                    Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = currentUICulture;

                return retVal;
            if (destinationType == typeof(InstanceDescriptor) && value is CultureInfo) { 
                CultureInfo c = (CultureInfo) value;
                ConstructorInfo ctor = typeof(CultureInfo).GetConstructor(new Type[] {typeof(string)}); 
                if (ctor != null) { 
                    return new InstanceDescriptor(ctor, new object[] {c.Name});

            return base.ConvertTo(context, culture, value, destinationType);

        ///       Gets a collection of standard values collection for a System.Globalization.CultureInfo
        ///       object using the specified context. 
        public override StandardValuesCollection GetStandardValues(ITypeDescriptorContext context) {
           if (values == null) { 
               CultureInfo[] installedCultures = CultureInfo.GetCultures(CultureTypes.SpecificCultures | CultureTypes.NeutralCultures);
               int invariantIndex = Array.IndexOf(installedCultures, CultureInfo.InvariantCulture); 
               CultureInfo[] array;
               if (invariantIndex != -1) { 
                   Debug.Assert(invariantIndex >= 0 && invariantIndex < installedCultures.Length);
                   installedCultures[invariantIndex] = null;
                   array = new CultureInfo[installedCultures.Length];
               else {
                   array = new CultureInfo[installedCultures.Length + 1]; 

               Array.Copy(installedCultures, array, installedCultures.Length); 
               Array.Sort(array, new CultureComparer(this));
               Debug.Assert(array[0] == null);
               if (array[0] == null) {
                   //we replace null with the real default culture because there are code paths 
                   // where the propgrid will send values from this returned array directly -- instead
                   // of converting it to a string and then back to a value (which this relied on). 
                   array[0] = CultureInfo.InvariantCulture; //null isn't the value here -- invariantculture is. 
               values = new StandardValuesCollection(array);

           return values; 
        ///       Gets a value indicating whether the list of standard values returned from 
        ///       System.ComponentModel.CultureInfoConverter.GetStandardValues is an exclusive list.
        public override bool GetStandardValuesExclusive(ITypeDescriptorContext context) { 
            return false;
        ///       Gets a value indicating whether this object supports a
        ///       standard set of values that can be picked from a list using the specified
        ///       context.
        public override bool GetStandardValuesSupported(ITypeDescriptorContext context) { 
            return true; 
        ///      IComparer object used for sorting CultureInfos
        ///      WARNING:  If you change where null is positioned, then you must fix CultureConverter.GetStandardValues!
        private class CultureComparer : IComparer {
            private CultureInfoConverter converter; 

            public CultureComparer(CultureInfoConverter cultureConverter) { 
                Debug.Assert(cultureConverter != null);
                converter = cultureConverter;
            public int Compare(object item1, object item2) {
                if (item1 == null) { 

                    // If both are null, then they are equal 
                    if (item2 == null) {
                        return 0;

                    // Otherwise, item1 is null, but item2 is valid (greater) 
                    return -1;

                if (item2 == null) {

                    // item2 is null, so item 1 is greater 
                    return 1; 

                String itemName1 = converter.GetCultureName(((CultureInfo)item1)); 
                String itemName2 = converter.GetCultureName(((CultureInfo)item2));

                CompareInfo compInfo = (CultureInfo.CurrentCulture).CompareInfo;
                return compInfo.Compare(itemName1, itemName2, CompareOptions.StringSort); 
        private static class CultureInfoMapper {
            ///  Dictionary of CultureInfo.DisplayName, CultureInfo.Name for cultures that have changed DisplayName over releases. 
            ///  This is to workaround an issue with CultureInfoConverter that serializes DisplayName (fixing it would introduce breaking changes).
            private static System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary cultureInfoNameMap;

            public static string GetCultureInfoName(string cultureInfoDisplayName) { 
                if (cultureInfoNameMap == null) {

                if (cultureInfoNameMap.ContainsKey(cultureInfoDisplayName)) { 
                    return cultureInfoNameMap[cultureInfoDisplayName];

                return cultureInfoDisplayName; 
            private static void InitializeCultureInfoMap() { 
                cultureInfoNameMap = new System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary() {
                    {"Afrikaans", "af"}, 
                    {"Afrikaans (South Africa)", "af-ZA"},
                    {"Albanian", "sq"},
                    {"Albanian (Albania)", "sq-AL"},
                    {"Alsatian (France)", "gsw-FR"}, 
                    {"Amharic (Ethiopia)", "am-ET"},
                    {"Arabic", "ar"}, 
                    {"Arabic (Algeria)", "ar-DZ"}, 
                    {"Arabic (Bahrain)", "ar-BH"},
                    {"Arabic (Egypt)", "ar-EG"}, 
                    {"Arabic (Iraq)", "ar-IQ"},
                    {"Arabic (Jordan)", "ar-JO"},
                    {"Arabic (Kuwait)", "ar-KW"},
                    {"Arabic (Lebanon)", "ar-LB"}, 
                    {"Arabic (Libya)", "ar-LY"},
                    {"Arabic (Morocco)", "ar-MA"}, 
                    {"Arabic (Oman)", "ar-OM"}, 
                    {"Arabic (Qatar)", "ar-QA"},
                    {"Arabic (Saudi Arabia)", "ar-SA"}, 
                    {"Arabic (Syria)", "ar-SY"},
                    {"Arabic (Tunisia)", "ar-TN"},
                    {"Arabic (U.A.E.)", "ar-AE"},
                    {"Arabic (Yemen)", "ar-YE"}, 
                    {"Armenian", "hy"},
                    {"Armenian (Armenia)", "hy-AM"}, 
                    {"Assamese (India)", "as-IN"}, 
                    {"Azeri", "az"},
                    {"Azeri (Cyrillic, Azerbaijan)", "az-Cyrl-AZ"}, 
                    {"Azeri (Latin, Azerbaijan)", "az-Latn-AZ"},
                    {"Bashkir (Russia)", "ba-RU"},
                    {"Basque", "eu"},
                    {"Basque (Basque)", "eu-ES"}, 
                    {"Belarusian", "be"},
                    {"Belarusian (Belarus)", "be-BY"}, 
                    {"Bengali (Bangladesh)", "bn-BD"}, 
                    {"Bengali (India)", "bn-IN"},
                    {"Bosnian (Cyrillic, Bosnia and Herzegovina)", "bs-Cyrl-BA"}, 
                    {"Bosnian (Latin, Bosnia and Herzegovina)", "bs-Latn-BA"},
                    {"Breton (France)", "br-FR"},
                    {"Bulgarian", "bg"},
                    {"Bulgarian (Bulgaria)", "bg-BG"}, 
                    {"Catalan", "ca"},
                    {"Catalan (Catalan)", "ca-ES"}, 
                    {"Chinese (Hong Kong S.A.R.)", "zh-HK"}, 
                    {"Chinese (Macao S.A.R.)", "zh-MO"},
                    {"Chinese (People's Republic of China)", "zh-CN"}, 
                    {"Chinese (Simplified)", "zh-CHS"},
                    {"Chinese (Singapore)", "zh-SG"},
                    {"Chinese (----)", "zh-TW"},
                    {"Chinese (Traditional)", "zh-CHT"}, 
                    {"Corsican (France)", "co-FR"},
                    {"Croatian", "hr"}, 
                    {"Croatian (Croatia)", "hr-HR"}, 
                    {"Croatian (Latin, Bosnia and Herzegovina)", "hr-BA"},
                    {"Czech", "cs"}, 
                    {"Czech (Czech Republic)", "cs-CZ"},
                    {"Danish", "da"},
                    {"Danish (Denmark)", "da-DK"},
                    {"Dari (Afghanistan)", "prs-AF"}, 
                    {"Divehi", "dv"},
                    {"Divehi (Maldives)", "dv-MV"}, 
                    {"Dutch", "nl"}, 
                    {"Dutch (Belgium)", "nl-BE"},
                    {"Dutch (Netherlands)", "nl-NL"}, 
                    {"English", "en"},
                    {"English (Australia)", "en-AU"},
                    {"English (Belize)", "en-BZ"},
                    {"English (Canada)", "en-CA"}, 
                    {"English (Caribbean)", "en-029"},
                    {"English (India)", "en-IN"}, 
                    {"English (Ireland)", "en-IE"}, 
                    {"English (Jamaica)", "en-JM"},
                    {"English (Malaysia)", "en-MY"}, 
                    {"English (New Zealand)", "en-NZ"},
                    {"English (Republic of the Philippines)", "en-PH"},
                    {"English (Singapore)", "en-SG"},
                    {"English (South Africa)", "en-ZA"}, 
                    {"English (Trinidad and Tobago)", "en-TT"},
                    {"English (United Kingdom)", "en-GB"}, 
                    {"English (United States)", "en-US"}, 
                    {"English (Zimbabwe)", "en-ZW"},
                    {"Estonian", "et"}, 
                    {"Estonian (Estonia)", "et-EE"},
                    {"Faroese", "fo"},
                    {"Faroese (Faroe Islands)", "fo-FO"},
                    {"Filipino (Philippines)", "fil-PH"}, 
                    {"Finnish", "fi"},
                    {"Finnish (Finland)", "fi-FI"}, 
                    {"French", "fr"}, 
                    {"French (Belgium)", "fr-BE"},
                    {"French (Canada)", "fr-CA"}, 
                    {"French (France)", "fr-FR"},
                    {"French (Luxembourg)", "fr-LU"},
                    {"French (Principality of Monaco)", "fr-MC"},
                    {"French (Switzerland)", "fr-CH"}, 
                    {"Frisian (Netherlands)", "fy-NL"},
                    {"Galician", "gl"}, 
                    {"Galician (Galician)", "gl-ES"}, 
                    {"Georgian", "ka"},
                    {"Georgian (Georgia)", "ka-GE"}, 
                    {"German", "de"},
                    {"German (Austria)", "de-AT"},
                    {"German (Germany)", "de-DE"},
                    {"German (Liechtenstein)", "de-LI"}, 
                    {"German (Luxembourg)", "de-LU"},
                    {"German (Switzerland)", "de-CH"}, 
                    {"Greek", "el"}, 
                    {"Greek (Greece)", "el-GR"},
                    {"Greenlandic (Greenland)", "kl-GL"}, 
                    {"Gujarati", "gu"},
                    {"Gujarati (India)", "gu-IN"},
                    {"Hausa (Latin, Nigeria)", "ha-Latn-NG"},
                    {"Hebrew", "he"}, 
                    {"Hebrew (Israel)", "he-IL"},
                    {"Hindi", "hi"}, 
                    {"Hindi (India)", "hi-IN"}, 
                    {"Hungarian", "hu"},
                    {"Hungarian (Hungary)", "hu-HU"}, 
                    {"Icelandic", "is"},
                    {"Icelandic (Iceland)", "is-IS"},
                    {"Igbo (Nigeria)", "ig-NG"},
                    {"Indonesian", "id"}, 
                    {"Indonesian (Indonesia)", "id-ID"},
                    {"Inuktitut (Latin, Canada)", "iu-Latn-CA"}, 
                    {"Inuktitut (Syllabics, Canada)", "iu-Cans-CA"}, 
                    {"Invariant Language (Invariant ----)", ""},
                    {"Irish (Ireland)", "ga-IE"}, 
                    {"isiXhosa (South Africa)", "xh-ZA"},
                    {"isiZulu (South Africa)", "zu-ZA"},
                    {"Italian", "it"},
                    {"Italian (Italy)", "it-IT"}, 
                    {"Italian (Switzerland)", "it-CH"},
                    {"Japanese", "ja"}, 
                    {"Japanese (Japan)", "ja-JP"}, 
                    {"K'iche (Guatemala)", "qut-GT"},
                    {"Kannada", "kn"}, 
                    {"Kannada (India)", "kn-IN"},
                    {"Kazakh", "kk"},
                    {"Kazakh (Kazakhstan)", "kk-KZ"},
                    {"Khmer (Cambodia)", "km-KH"}, 
                    {"Kinyarwanda (Rwanda)", "rw-RW"},
                    {"Kiswahili", "sw"}, 
                    {"Kiswahili (Kenya)", "sw-KE"}, 
                    {"Konkani", "kok"},
                    {"Konkani (India)", "kok-IN"}, 
                    {"Korean", "ko"},
                    {"Korean (Korea)", "ko-KR"},
                    {"Kyrgyz", "ky"},
                    {"Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzstan)", "ky-KG"}, 
                    {"Lao (Lao P.D.R.)", "lo-LA"},
                    {"Latvian", "lv"}, 
                    {"Latvian (Latvia)", "lv-LV"}, 
                    {"Lithuanian", "lt"},
                    {"Lithuanian (Lithuania)", "lt-LT"}, 
                    {"Lower Sorbian (Germany)", "dsb-DE"},
                    {"Luxembourgish (Luxembourg)", "lb-LU"},
                    {"----n", "mk"},
                    {"----n (Former Yugoslav Republic of ----)", "mk-MK"}, 
                    {"Malay", "ms"},
                    {"Malay (Brunei Darussalam)", "ms-BN"}, 
                    {"Malay (Malaysia)", "ms-MY"}, 
                    {"Malayalam (India)", "ml-IN"},
                    {"Maltese (Malta)", "mt-MT"}, 
                    {"Maori (New Zealand)", "mi-NZ"},
                    {"Mapudungun (Chile)", "arn-CL"},
                    {"Marathi", "mr"},
                    {"Marathi (India)", "mr-IN"}, 
                    {"Mohawk (Mohawk)", "moh-CA"},
                    {"Mongolian", "mn"}, 
                    {"Mongolian (Cyrillic, Mongolia)", "mn-MN"}, 
                    {"Mongolian (Traditional Mongolian, PRC)", "mn-Mong-CN"},
                    {"Nepali (Nepal)", "ne-NP"}, 
                    {"Norwegian", "no"},
                    {"Norwegian, Bokm´┐Żl (Norway)", "nb-NO"},
                    {"Norwegian, Nynorsk (Norway)", "nn-NO"},
                    {"Occitan (France)", "oc-FR"}, 
                    {"Oriya (India)", "or-IN"},
                    {"Pashto (Afghanistan)", "ps-AF"}, 
                    {"Persian", "fa"}, 
                    {"Persian (Iran)", "fa-IR"},
                    {"Polish", "pl"}, 
                    {"Polish (Poland)", "pl-PL"},
                    {"Portuguese", "pt"},
                    {"Portuguese (Brazil)", "pt-BR"},
                    {"Portuguese (Portugal)", "pt-PT"}, 
                    {"Punjabi", "pa"},
                    {"Punjabi (India)", "pa-IN"}, 
                    {"Quechua (Bolivia)", "quz-BO"}, 
                    {"Quechua (Ecuador)", "quz-EC"},
                    {"Quechua (Peru)", "quz-PE"}, 
                    {"Romanian", "ro"},
                    {"Romanian (Romania)", "ro-RO"},
                    {"Romansh (Switzerland)", "rm-CH"},
                    {"Russian", "ru"}, 
                    {"Russian (Russia)", "ru-RU"},
                    {"Sami, Inari (Finland)", "smn-FI"}, 
                    {"Sami, Lule (Norway)", "smj-NO"}, 
                    {"Sami, Lule (Sweden)", "smj-SE"},
                    {"Sami, Northern (Finland)", "se-FI"}, 
                    {"Sami, Northern (Norway)", "se-NO"},
                    {"Sami, Northern (Sweden)", "se-SE"},
                    {"Sami, Skolt (Finland)", "sms-FI"},
                    {"Sami, Southern (Norway)", "sma-NO"}, 
                    {"Sami, Southern (Sweden)", "sma-SE"},
                    {"Sanskrit", "sa"}, 
                    {"Sanskrit (India)", "sa-IN"}, 
                    {"Serbian", "sr"},
                    {"Serbian (Cyrillic, Bosnia and Herzegovina)", "sr-Cyrl-BA"}, 
                    {"Serbian (Cyrillic, Serbia)", "sr-Cyrl-CS"},
                    {"Serbian (Latin, Bosnia and Herzegovina)", "sr-Latn-BA"},
                    {"Serbian (Latin, Serbia)", "sr-Latn-CS"},
                    {"Sesotho sa Leboa (South Africa)", "nso-ZA"}, 
                    {"Setswana (South Africa)", "tn-ZA"},
                    {"Sinhala (Sri Lanka)", "si-LK"}, 
                    {"Slovak", "sk"}, 
                    {"Slovak (Slovakia)", "sk-SK"},
                    {"Slovenian", "sl"}, 
                    {"Slovenian (Slovenia)", "sl-SI"},
                    {"Spanish", "es"},
                    {"Spanish (Argentina)", "es-AR"},
                    {"Spanish (Bolivia)", "es-BO"}, 
                    {"Spanish (Chile)", "es-CL"},
                    {"Spanish (Colombia)", "es-CO"}, 
                    {"Spanish (Costa Rica)", "es-CR"}, 
                    {"Spanish (Dominican Republic)", "es-DO"},
                    {"Spanish (Ecuador)", "es-EC"}, 
                    {"Spanish (El Salvador)", "es-SV"},
                    {"Spanish (Guatemala)", "es-GT"},
                    {"Spanish (Honduras)", "es-HN"},
                    {"Spanish (Mexico)", "es-MX"}, 
                    {"Spanish (Nicaragua)", "es-NI"},
                    {"Spanish (Panama)", "es-PA"}, 
                    {"Spanish (Paraguay)", "es-PY"}, 
                    {"Spanish (Peru)", "es-PE"},
                    {"Spanish (Puerto Rico)", "es-PR"}, 
                    {"Spanish (Spain)", "es-ES"},
                    {"Spanish (United States)", "es-US"},
                    {"Spanish (Uruguay)", "es-UY"},
                    {"Spanish (Venezuela)", "es-VE"}, 
                    {"Swedish", "sv"},
                    {"Swedish (Finland)", "sv-FI"}, 
                    {"Swedish (Sweden)", "sv-SE"}, 
                    {"Syriac", "syr"},
                    {"Syriac (Syria)", "syr-SY"}, 
                    {"Tajik (Cyrillic, Tajikistan)", "tg-Cyrl-TJ"},
                    {"Tamazight (Latin, Algeria)", "tzm-Latn-DZ"},
                    {"Tamil", "ta"},
                    {"Tamil (India)", "ta-IN"}, 
                    {"Tatar", "tt"},
                    {"Tatar (Russia)", "tt-RU"}, 
                    {"Telugu", "te"}, 
                    {"Telugu (India)", "te-IN"},
                    {"Thai", "th"}, 
                    {"Thai (Thailand)", "th-TH"},
                    {"Tibetan (PRC)", "bo-CN"},
                    {"Turkish", "tr"},
                    {"Turkish (Turkey)", "tr-TR"}, 
                    {"Turkmen (Turkmenistan)", "tk-TM"},
                    {"Uighur (PRC)", "ug-CN"}, 
                    {"Ukrainian", "uk"}, 
                    {"Ukrainian (Ukraine)", "uk-UA"},
                    {"Upper Sorbian (Germany)", "hsb-DE"}, 
                    {"Urdu", "ur"},
                    {"Urdu (Islamic Republic of Pakistan)", "ur-PK"},
                    {"Uzbek", "uz"},
                    {"Uzbek (Cyrillic, Uzbekistan)", "uz-Cyrl-UZ"}, 
                    {"Uzbek (Latin, Uzbekistan)", "uz-Latn-UZ"},
                    {"Vietnamese", "vi"}, 
                    {"Vietnamese (Vietnam)", "vi-VN"}, 
                    {"Welsh (United Kingdom)", "cy-GB"},
                    {"Wolof (Senegal)", "wo-SN"}, 
                    {"Yakut (Russia)", "sah-RU"},
                    {"Yi (PRC)", "ii-CN"},
                    {"Yoruba (Nigeria)", "yo-NG"}

// File provided for Reference Use Only by Microsoft Corporation (c) 2007.

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