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/ DotNET / DotNET / 8.0 / untmp / whidbey / REDBITS / ndp / fx / src / Net / System / Net / NetworkInformation / NetworkInterface.cs / 1 / NetworkInterface.cs

using System;

namespace System.Net.NetworkInformation

    public abstract class NetworkInterface 
        /// Returns objects that describe the network interfaces on the local computer.
        public static NetworkInterface[] GetAllNetworkInterfaces(){ 
            (new NetworkInformationPermission(NetworkInformationAccess.Read)).Demand();
            return SystemNetworkInterface.GetNetworkInterfaces();
        public static bool GetIsNetworkAvailable(){
            return SystemNetworkInterface.InternalGetIsNetworkAvailable(); 

        public static int LoopbackInterfaceIndex{ 
                return SystemNetworkInterface.InternalLoopbackInterfaceIndex;

        public abstract string Id{get;} 
        /// Gets the name of the network interface.
        public abstract string Name{get;} 

        /// Gets the description of the network interface
        public abstract string Description{get;}
        /// Gets the IP properties for this network interface.
        public abstract IPInterfaceProperties GetIPProperties(); 
        /// Provides Internet Protocol (IP) statistical data for thisnetwork interface.
        public abstract IPv4InterfaceStatistics GetIPv4Statistics(); 

        /// Gets the current operational state of the network connection.
        public abstract OperationalStatus OperationalStatus{get;}
        /// Gets the speed of the interface in bits per second as reported by the interface.
        public abstract long Speed{get;} 
        /// Gets a bool value that indicates whether the network interface is set to only receive data packets.
        public abstract bool IsReceiveOnly{get;} 

        /// Gets a bool value that indicates whether this network interface is enabled to receive multicast packets.
        public abstract bool SupportsMulticast{get;}
        /// Gets the physical address of this network interface
        /// deonb. This is okay if you don't support this in Whidbey. This actually belongs in the NetworkAdapter derived class 
        public abstract PhysicalAddress GetPhysicalAddress(); 

        /// Gets the interface type. 
        public abstract NetworkInterfaceType NetworkInterfaceType{get;}

        public abstract bool Supports(NetworkInterfaceComponent networkInterfaceComponent);


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