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* File: StyleTreeBuilderBamlTranslator.cs
* Purpose: Class that builds a style object from BAML 
* History: 
*    11/13/03:    [....]      Created 
* Copyright (C) 2003 by Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved. 

using System; 
using System.Xml;
using System.IO; 
using System.Windows; 
using System.Text;
using System.Collections; 
using System.ComponentModel;

using System.Diagnostics;
using System.Reflection; 
using System.Threading;
using MS.Utility; 

namespace System.Windows.Markup 
    /// StyleTreeBuilderBamlTranslator is the TreeBuilder implementation that loads a Style object
    /// from BAML. 
    internal class StyleTreeBuilderBamlTranslator : TreeBuilderBamlTranslator 

#region Constructors 

        /// Constructor.  Set up associated baml reader to
        /// read the style baml records. 
        public StyleTreeBuilderBamlTranslator( 
            ParserContext                parserContext,      // context 
            Stream                       bamlStream,         // baml stream, when reading from a file
            BamlRecord                   bamlStartRecord,    // baml records start, when loading from a dictionary 
            BamlRecord                   bamlIndexRecord,    // Index Record in bamlRecords to start parsing at
            ParserStack                  bamlReaderStack,    // reader stack
            ArrayList                    rootList,           // List of root objects for overall parse.
            XamlParseMode                parseMode,          // sync or async parse mode 
            int                          maxAsyncRecords)    // number to read in async mode before yielding
            BamlStream = bamlStream; 
            RecordReader = new StyleBamlRecordReader(bamlStream, bamlStartRecord, bamlIndexRecord,
                                                     parserContext, bamlReaderStack, rootList); 

            XamlParseMode = parseMode;
            MaxAsyncRecords = maxAsyncRecords;
            // Set associated record reader async info
            RecordReader.XamlParseMode = XamlParseMode; 
            RecordReader.MaxAsyncRecords = MaxAsyncRecords; 

#endregion Constructors

#region Overrides 

        /// Internal Avalon method. Used to parse style section of a BAML file. 
        /// An array containing the root objects in the style portion of a BAML stream 
        public override object ParseFragment()
            // if in synchronous mode then just read the baml stream and then
            // return. if going into async mode then build up the first tag 
            // synchronously and then post a queue item.
            if (XamlParseMode == XamlParseMode.Synchronous) 
                // read in the first record since binder at present
                // needs this. 
                bool moreData = true; 

                // sit in synchronous read until get first root. Need this 
                // until we get async binder support.
                while (GetRoot() == null && moreData)
                    moreData = RecordReader.Read(true /* single record  mode*/); 
                if (moreData && GetRoot() != null) 
                    // before going async want to switch to async stream interfaces 
                    // so we don't block on I/O.

                    // setup stream Manager on Reader and kick of Async Writes
                    StreamManager = new ReadWriteStreamManager();
                    // RecordReader no points to the ReaderWriter stream which 
                    // is different from our BAMLStream member.
                    RecordReader.BamlStream = StreamManager.ReaderStream; 

                    // now spin a thread to read the BAML. This can change
                    // once we get Read support that fails if contents isn't
                    // available instead of blocks. 

                    ThreadStart threadStart = new ThreadStart(ReadBamlAsync); 
                    Thread thread = new Thread(threadStart); 
                    // post a work item to do the rest.
            return GetRoot(); 
#endregion Overrides


// File provided for Reference Use Only by Microsoft Corporation (c) 2007.
// Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


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